Your online store is your window to your customer

POSTED: 22.06.2020.

Online user experience planning is becoming one of the most important parts of online commerce. While there is a myriad of online store providers on the market, the question is how to find the right partner that will be able to develop and provide an optimal service allowing you to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

Until recently, some companies still had the luxury of turning a blind eye to the digital transformation of their business. However, after the epidemic, the moment of reckoning has arrived and the issue can no longer be put off. The circumstances shifted some consumer behaviors and accelerated the development of e-commerce and online stores. Business daily Finance reports that one of these changes is a significant growth in the use of online stores among the older generation. Other trends indicate that consumers increasingly look for information online and expect the providers to know what they like and recognize the things they do not need.

David Orešič, Business Development Manager, Comtrade Solutions, spoke to Finance and addressed the current circumstances and the latest trends. He spoke about the important factors in e-commerce development and provides advice to companies on what they need to pay attention to when looking for a partner after deciding on an important strategic step – developing an online store, mobile application, online marketplace, or another e-commerce platform.

Companies need to find the right direction when developing their online store, both in terms of functionalities as well as usability. They need to provide accurate delivery information, deploy recommendation systems, and offer secure digital channels when working with business partners. David added: “There are many providers of online stores, so companies need to select a partner that will optimize their operation with a customized and relevant technology solution and advise them when it comes to content.”

After the epidemic, online sales have increased and digital transformation has become a necessity for all companies. Comtrade can help you with consulting and solution deployment services that will support your business continuity, respond to the needs of your business, and ensure a rapid return on investment.