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POSTED: 05.06.2019.

Comtrade was a golden sponsor and one of the main creators of the content at NT konferenca in Portorož as we contributed content to the business keynote, public sector, healthcare and manufacturing tracks and numerous technical lectures.


Panel discussion: Agile shift for organizations in the digital era and the challenges of developing talent

The best B2B event in the region also hosted an interesting panel discussion, entitled “Agile shift for organizations in the digital era and the challenges of developing talent” which was moderated by our Klod Kolaro, General Manager, Comtrade System Integration International. The participants Alenka Kolar, CIO, Elektro Ljubljana; Vladimir Arshinov, CIO, Slovenian Steel Group; Martin Gornjec, BSH household appliances, Aleš Pestotnik, Microsoft; discussed the challenges that digital transformation is bringing, how organizations should evolve to become more agile in order to survive and how to attract, develop, motivate and retain high-performing employees.

From left to right: Vladimir Arshinov, SSG; Alenka Kolar, Elektro Ljubljana; Martin Gorenjec, BSH household appliances; Aleš Pestotnik, Microsoft; Klod Kolaro, Comtrade


To respond to these questions, organizations should accept the new challenges and convert them into growth opportunities. By relying on this approach, they can retain their employees and attract new ones. As Martin Gornjec from BSH household appliances explained it: “Organizations should persuade new employees by telling a story and by being attractive and recognizable as an employer. They should also develop a strategy to help employees develop during their employment. This way, they can stay with the company and also recommend it to other potential employees.”

Aleš Pestotnik from Microsoft agreed and made another suggestion that organizations should adopt a growth mindset and make the change to become more agile, open and focused on learning. Managers should lead by example, encourage their teams to make the changes and show them a big picture of what lies beyond transformation.



Public sector 

At the Public sector track, Comtrade showcased eTaxes as an example of how to improve user experience and the importance of doing so. By delivering an interesting and entertaining talk, Aleksandar Semeraj, Business Development Manager, and Barbara Hiti, Project Manager, revealed the secrets of user experience and customer experience best practices.

Aleksandar Semeraj, Comtrade, and Barbara Hiti, Comtrade


After a series of interesting talks, we witnessed a debate among the participants in the roundtable entitled: Digital Transformation Is Underway. What Are the Next Steps to Breakthrough Victories? The discussion was moderated by Ula Kepežinskaite Duric, Microsoft. The debate about the progress of digital transformation in relation to goals set for themselves by companies was driven by Igor Zorko, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia; Klod Kolaro, Comtrade; dr. Polonca Blaznik, Ministry of Public Administration; Jurij Dolžan, Ministry of Public Administration and Aleš Pevc, Technology Park Ljubljana.

Ula Kepežinskaite Duric, Microsoft


Healthcare – Software-as-a-Service for modern and effective healthcare environments

Aleš Leskošek spoke about the far-reaching power of technology of a healthcare information system. He used IRIS, a primary healthcare solution, as an example to show what’s possible today and what the future holds.


Manufacturing – A case study of a new revenue stream for Raycap and using IoT to improve customer service

Speaking at the Manufacturing track, Milenko Alčin, Head of Innovation, Comtrade Digital Services, and Gorazd Vrabič, Head of Electronics Department, Raycap, showcased how we added new value to a proven product – Raycap’s surge protector. We used an additional electronics circuit and integration to Comtrade’s IoT platform to provide users with real-time view of protection status, the result of which are lower operational costs and a new revenue source for Raycap.


Exclusive business social event

We concluded the NT konferenca business day with a special event to celebrate our partnership with Microsoft. We recently concluded an important partnership agreement to sell Microsoft software licenses in Slovenia and received the Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) title.