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Building smart cities – the structured and interconnected way.

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Smart cities represent the next level of inter-connectivity between cities and communities of the future.

By using advanced enabling technologies (including artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, blockchain, etc.), we help create smart city solutions and communities that take advantage of services that leverage the confluence of the digital and physical worlds and the collaboration of different providers across emerging value chains.

Horizontal Smart City Platform

We offer a horizontally integrated smart city platform that enables all stakeholders to connect and prosper.

For example, we can connect a smart parking service with a car-sharing service and public transportation services to deliver the best possible user experience.
The vertical platform takes the complexity out of sight and seamlessly exchanges data between IoT devices and horizontal smart city solutions in the background. We support the entire business process (vendor on-boarding, technical support during solution integration, multi-provider billing and invoicing support), so you can easily connect your solution to the platform or start building new business models and value chains with existing providers that already use our platform.

Take a structured approach to smart cities.

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