Slovenia is on track with digital transformation

POSTED: 06.09.2018.

Two years have passed since the last domestic research in the field of digital transformation was published, therefore this year’s Survey of digital transformation in Slovenian companies, which includes the answers of 75 companies, is a welcome refreshment. The first to hear about it will be the participants of the event CIO of the year 2018 and will first hand hear the findings on how digitization has progressed in the last two years. They will also be able to listen to Klod Kolaro, General Manager of Comtrade System Integration International, who will compare the progress of digital transformation in Slovenia and Ireland. Is Slovenia competitive or not?


We can be pleased to read that the vast majority of companies, 89% of them to be exact, are already actively working on their own digital transformation. Actually, every third company has been working on it since four years ago. It is good to see that companies take digitization as a process and evolution, accompanied by technological changes, but in practice they will realize it through a variety of projects. Of course, they are facing a number of challenges on the way that they are more or less successfully solving, as well as risks. This year’s survey also reveals a number of mistakes that businesses are doing and they should worry about.


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