Our Colleague Jelena Ječmenić Became IT Woman of the Year

POSTED: 05.06.2019.

The second AFA conference took place in Belgrade as part of Innovation Week between 21 and 24 May. The event hosted more than 70 speakers from Serbia and over 500 participants from countries across the world.


This year, the conference attempted to answer the question “How do innovations contribute to the development of the economy and society?” However, another important highlight from the event was the fact that our Serbian colleague, Jelena Ječmenić (Alliances & Channel Manager, Comtrade SI International), was awarded the 2019 Woman in Tech Prize by the expert jury. With this, she became the IT woman of the year and contributed to the positive reputation of our company at a global scale.



We congratulate Jelena for her success and we hope that she keeps her immense impact on the IT industry in the future.