We worked on an upgrade to the eGovernment system

We worked on an upgrade to the eGovernment system red_square green_square yellow_square green_dots
Posted by Comtrade on 25.11.2020 15:36:09

The Ministry of Public Administration has announced an upgrade to the eGovernment system that allows the electronic serving of documents. Users can now receive administrative decisions in digital form to the My eGovernment system. Comtrade Solutions also participated in the project and developed a new integration module called SiCEV.

SiCEV is an information system for securely exchanging documents in electronic form. It acts as the central point between the information systems of senders and recipients of electronic documents.

The solution is designed to:

  • Enable e-commerce within public administration and with its users
  • Support the secure exchange of electronic documents
  • Reduce the costs of the exchange of electronic documents
  • Promote and leverage shared solutions that deliver improved and compatible services

Basic functionalities:

  • Electronic submission, reception and transmission of messages and documents
  • Conducting serving procedures in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act and other regulations
  • Ability to address and audit secure mailboxes of public administration
  • Integration with the systems within the public administration that manage secure mailboxes
  • Management subsystem

The system was built using web services - JBoss application server and Oracle database. WSDL with instructions is available to developers of sender and recipient information systems, while security is ensured with digital certificates. Developers followed proven standards that have been in use for many years for delivering electronic documents in the Republic of Slovenia, and the system is compliant with Slovenian legislation.

The upgrade of this national information system simplifies the serving of documents in administrative matters that would otherwise require personal serving under the General Administrative Procedure Act. This means that from now on, citizens will be able to receive certain government decisions, such as procedural decisions, provisions, etc. in electronic form.

The website of the Ministry of Public Administration states that SI-CeV will significantly reduce the administrative burden of many institutions and make it easier and faster for citizens to receive packages or documents.

Andrej Kotar, Business Director of Public Sector at Comtrade Solutions, agrees: “The project was complex because it required the coordination of a large number of government bodies and contractors, but was successfully completed. We believe that in this way we are contributing to key solutions that will make it easier to manage the current crisis, as the solution streamlines the operations of government bodies and citizens and contributes to limiting contacts.”


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