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Conference on smart communities concluded successfully

Posted by Comtrade on 14.1.2021 0:00:00

We have successfully concluded the 2nd Southeast Europe Smart Society Conference, the common theme of which was a comprehensive approach to the development of a smart society. At the conference, we discussed the creation of conditions for the digital economy, positioning within European development projects and funding opportunities.

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2nd Southeast Europe Smart Society Conference

Posted by Comtrade on 22.12.2020 11:52:14

Join us at the second regional conference 2nd Southeast Europe Smart Society Conference about smart cities and communities which will again connect the countries of SE Europe as they work to implement the smart society concept and engage in a shared dialogue.

The central theme of the conference will be a comprehensive approach to building smart societies. We will shift our focus from technical topics, discussed at the last year’s conference, to the business and organizational domain. We will cover what will be the role of smart cities in the digital economy of the future, what will the business models of implemented value chains look like, and what it means to use a holistic approach to building a smart city. We will also look at EU financial schemes that will support smart city development in the years to come.

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We worked on an upgrade to the eGovernment system

Posted by Comtrade on 25.11.2020 15:36:09

The Ministry of Public Administration has announced an upgrade to the eGovernment system that allows the electronic serving of documents. Users can now receive administrative decisions in digital form to the My eGovernment system. Comtrade Solutions also participated in the project and developed a new integration module called SiCEV.

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We are a part of GoDigital 2020: The Process of Digital Transformation of Plastika Skaza

Posted by Comtrade on 5.11.2020 10:16:51

GoDigital, the central business conference covering big data and artificial intelligence, will take place in the spirit of the adjustments demanded by the novel coronavirus. Digital transformation has played and continues to play a key role in this process, so insights into the lessons we have learned will be crucial in our efforts to forge new strategies in the future and gain the necessary business resilience.

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Slovenia at Expo 2020 Dubai: Showcasing the Development of Smart Communities

Posted by Comtrade on 4.11.2020 10:06:11

Expo Dubai 2020 is currently underway. This event gives companies from across the globe an opportunity to showcase their achievements in different areas to foster a dialogue of progress and collaboration.

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Comtrade's session at Knowledge Matters: How to Become a Digital Master Company

Posted by Comtrade on 6.10.2020 15:56:00

When it comes to a company's digital transformation, every dimension matters - from the leadership team and its digital leader to technology that drives the transformation.

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About Technology and User Experience in the Future

Posted by Comtrade on 16.7.2020 12:03:00

Companies rely on technology and data to deliver unique user experiences for their customers. The latter will also play an important role in the future by making sure that consumers feel a closer relationship with the brands and services they use. Read this new piece in Finance to find out more about the importance of the user experience and the business value it drives. The piece includes quotes from Aleksandar Semeraj, Business Development Lead, Comtrade Solutions, and Miloš Djurković, Director, SAS Adriatic Region.

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Your online store is your window to your customer

Posted by Comtrade on 22.6.2020 11:59:00

Online user experience planning is becoming one of the most important parts of online commerce. While there is a myriad of online store providers on the market, the question is how to find the right partner that will be able to develop and provide an optimal service allowing you to deliver the best possible experience for your customers.

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Strategic Partnership with Slovenian Steel Group is showing great results

Posted by Comtrade on 19.3.2020 11:53:00

As we help companies on their journey to digital transformation, we have another success story. Last autumn, we have concluded a strategic partnership with SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group. 

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It’s important to stay connected

Posted by Comtrade on 17.3.2020 12:05:00

At present we are all facing a situation unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. Unlike the financial crisis where the systemic risk lay solely within the financial sector, the COVID-19 crisis is touching all aspects of society and the economy. In an effort to flatten the curve of contagion and bring needed relief to the overwhelming stress placed on our medical resource and infrastructure, many businesses are instructing their employees to work from home with meetings switching from face to face to video conferencing. Connectivity becomes digital and we can keep our societies functioning, we remain effective while reducing physical social contact, avoid travel and yet keep our great economy going despite the enormous challenges which this virus brings. We at Comtrade applaud the huge efforts to contain the impact of this virus and will continue to support all our clients remotely and our employees as we rebuild their digital dreams in the months and years ahead.

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