It’s important to stay connected

POSTED: 17.03.2020.

At present we are all facing a situation unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. Unlike the financial crisis where the systemic risk lay solely within the financial sector, the COVID-19 crisis is touching all aspects of society and the economy. In an effort to flatten the curve of contagion and bring needed relief to the overwhelming stress placed on our medical resource and infrastructure, many businesses are instructing their employees to work from home with meetings switching from face to face to video conferencing. Connectivity becomes digital and we can keep our societies functioning, we remain effective while reducing physical social contact, avoid travel and yet keep our great economy going despite the enormous challenges which this virus brings. We at Comtrade applaud the huge efforts to contain the impact of this virus and will continue to support all our clients remotely and our employees as we rebuild their digital dreams in the months and years ahead.



Comtrade team