How Comtrade Is Helping SIJ Group Unify and Streamline Its IT Operations

POSTED: 13.05.2020.

When taking on one of the most demanding digital transformation projects in the region, you need a reliable and innovative partner, like Comtrade. SIJ Group, one of the largest manufacturers of stainless and special steels in Europe, embarked on a digital transformation journey that would result in improved productivity, safety and business performance. Their story was such a success that it was profiled in Interface magazine in an extensive interview with Vladimir Arshinov, IT Director, SIJ Group.

To deliver on its ambitious goals, the company launched a unification strategy to deliver IT services to all the companies making up SIJ Group. “The main difference between now and then was that each individual company was living alone, and I see now that the IT function in this case is unifying the people and allowing them to speak in a single language,” said Arshinov.

A significant part of this was the migration of 200 workloads from their two data centers into Microsoft Azure Cloud, carried out by Comtrade. This allows the company to deliver its applications and services to all its employees while retaining central control and accelerating development of advanced features that drive competitive advantage.

Another important project delivered by Comtrade is the joint development work with Comtrade on the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). This system allows for improved quality control by improving core laboratory processes and supporting integration with the PSI manufacturing execution system and Oracle ERP.

Comtrade and SIJ Group work as partners in the digital transformation of one of the most successful Slovenian companies. Their work has resulted in extensive savings across multiple functions as well as improved flexibility and quality of the final product.

Read the interview with Mr. Arshinov here.