/EVENT/ Artificial intelligence is an important driver of digital transformation

POSTED: 14.11.2018.

You are invited to attend “Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing” event. This is a training for leaders, managers, board members and business leads of digital transformation within their organizations, who are aware that artificial intelligence is already required to retain competitive advantage in domestic and international markets.

Date and time: 26 November 2018 from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Place: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Hall E/Mezzanine


12.00 – 12.30Arrival and welcome

12.30 – 14.00
Introduction to artificial intelligence
Why are we discussing AI
How to approach artificial intelligence

14.00 – 14.15
Odmor za kavo

14:15 – 16:00
How to implement artificial intelligence
Examples of best practices in the field of artificial intelligence

Why attend?

You will learn:

WHAT artificial intelligence is in theory and practice
WHY your company needs artificial intelligence
HOW to deploy artificial intelligence

This information will help you make decisions when planning deployments of new technology in your company.

About lecturer

Gregor Molan

Gregor Molan, head of Comtrade Digital Services research team and software engineer, has been involved in active research work since 1994. He got university diploma in mathematics in 1995. He has formally started to work as software engineer at Hermes SoftLab in 1996. In 1999 he achieved master degree in computer science.

Majority of his research and development work after achievement master degree has been the development of different models describing software quality assurance, social science and technology and phenomena in medicine. With modeling of phenomena in nature and human science he has achieved proficiency and knowledge in development of algorithms the most adequate to the nature of problems. He has integrated graph theory, artificial intelligence and data base management in the unique model useful in the occupational health care system. For European projects, he lead the partner’s side of preparation for the ACTIVE project – Enabling the Knowledge Powered Enterprise for WP5 – Knowledge Workspace.

The most important current research activities are (1) Research program: Comtrade – CERN and (2) The European research network on types for programming and verification (EUTYPES); he is management committee member of this COST Action (CA15123). His future activities are focused in research work on the field of neural network and deep learning preferably with connection with CERN projects. For this purpose he established Comtrade connection to European Network Grid infrastructure.

What will you learn at the event?

This training is a short summary of artificial intelligence deployments in manufacturing and consists of 5 parts: (1) Brief introduction to AI; (2) Why are we discussing AI; (3) How to approach AI; (4) How to implement AI; and (5) Best practices in AI.

In the first part, we will explain the basic terms of artificial intelligence, which will serve you in the second part, where we will briefly cover the benefits of artificial intelligence. We will not discuss the dangers of artificial intelligence – this issue is summed up by the oft-repeated quote: “I do not fear artificial intelligence, I fear those who create it.”


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