#EDIT18: Interactive Platform And Casino Operation Visualization

POSTED: 01.08.2018.

In July Comtrade’s summer, IT school EDIT hosted groups of students, in seven different locations. They demonstrated their exceptional talent in information technology of the next generation of professionals.

In Ljubljana and Maribor, two student teams took part in EDIT summer school to solve real-life challenges from the world of technology over a period of 10 days. Summer school participants in Ljubljana faced the challenge of developing a mobile platform used to interact with passengers and connect to a broader ecosystem of providers of hospitality and other services. The Maribor team had to prepare a visualization and analysis of activity in a casino. Both teams delivered great results.

22nd International Summer School of Information Technologies EDIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers), organized by Comtrade, has given ambitious students an opportunity to face unique technological and business challenges at seven different locations: Ljubljana, Maribor, Beograd, Kragujevac, Sarajevo, Banja Luka in Mostar.

“Summer IT school EDIT is an excellent starting point for young talents and a great opportunity for Comtrade, to get to know them. The fact that each student takes two weeks of summer holidays off and invests them in his or her self, explains it all. Students are highly motivated and the summer IT school EDIT gives them an opportunity to get experiences in technical and business knowledge and also in how to work with others in a larger team. Comtrade offers students to work on real projects where they have to solve a problem from scratch and then presented to potential investors,” activities of summer IT school EDIT were summed up by Jan Grilanc, a mentor to a group of students in Maribor.

Passenger Interaction Platform
Travelers today expect instant access to information and a seamless end-to-end customer experience. Their time is valuable – as they travel over l ong distances, they want to keep up with news and entertainment and stay in touch with others, which means that travel providers need to offer something more. In Ljubljana, the student team developed its own platform for passengers who travel over long distances with a train, bus or plane. To showcase the system in practice, students focused on the bus trip use case and developed a mobile application that connects passengers, the tour operator and the ecosystem of service providers at the target destination. The app offers personalization by adapting content to individual users and combines it with a social aspect which includes the ability for travellers to easily vote on the music they want to hear, bus temperature etc. As they arrive at the destination, they can take advantage of various special offers by local providers of hospitality and other services. Application personalization and design also played an important role in the project.

“Content and offers delivered through the app change to reflect individual passenger’s mood and taste. At the same time, the app also ensures a consensus of the passengers traveling by bus,” said Marie Kress, the project mentor. She added: “We simulated a working process modelled after an agile environment in a start-up. Students experienced the leap from the academic world, where you do your work on your own, to the private industry, where only a team can produce a result.”

When casino data talks
Slot machines in casinos are rich source of information. They collect a wide range of quantitative data: paid bets, usage patterns, payouts etc. Group of students in Maribor had a task preparing a graphic image of casino operations happening in real time and make the slot machines “speak”. Students face a challenge to prepare an application for the casino management that would offer an instant look at business operations. They had to develop a visual map of casino layout and implement analyzed big data in real time. The gathered information and analyzed big data, of which is a “hot” slot machine, which slot machine has a malfunction, possible suspicious activities and security risks, had to be presented in a transparent and easy way to understand.

“Students in Maribor developed a visual presentation of operations happening in casinos. The key thing was that the demonstration would be as simple as possible so the management of the casino and any key employees did not need to check or read any other reports. They had to prepare a clear graphical user-friendly interface, and figure out what to show and in what way, also use agile methodologies of development, since they were very limited by time. In my opinion, they did an excellent job,” added Grilanc.

Participants of EDIT stay connected with Comtrade Group.
It is very interesting to look at our long-term statistics of Comtrade. International summer IT school EDIT is, in fact, a great opportunity for students to get to know the company and Comtrade to get to know them. Up to now, around 30 % of summer IT school EDIT participants continued their cooperation with Comtrade. “Summer IT school EDIT is a rare and unique moment for students where they can experience actual work life. The environment within Comtrade is the thing that convinced most of us, to start our career path here,” stated the organizers of the international summer IT school EDIT.

Summer School EDIT
International summer school of information technologies EDIT (Education for Innovative Thinkers), with rich business experiences, innovative projects and experts of the industry invites students which want to upgrade their academic knowledge by co-create new innovative solutions for the future. Since 1996 the summer school EDIT inspires innovation and prepares best technology experts of the future generation. Today EDIT is the largest summer school in Adriatic region in the field of information technology.