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The more we know our customer(s), the more we understand the essence of great user experience. When we understand the customer experience, we can better design, develop, and satisfy the customer(s). To help us read the minds of consumers we rely on modern technologies.

Market research experts teach us that the future of sales is based on the quality of the user experience. It is all about building a tailored and consumer-friendly user experience. Although the recipe for success is relatively simple, it is somewhat more difficult to put into practice. Every company must find its combination of advanced technologies and data, with which it will be able to read the minds of consumers and then create what they want or expect.

Consumers are already (going) digital

While companies of all sizes and shapes are working hard to digitize their business; they are working on their own digital transformation, consumers have already undergone this kind of change. One could claim that consumers are on average much more digitally mature than businesses. We know that technology has changed the way consumers today find, choose, obtain, and use information. Consumers are adept at digital, the web, and they constantly use their smart devices to find what they want when they want it. So consumers are increasingly digital and will be even more so. Technology, however, has not only caused changes in consumer behavior, but also changes in the way companies create, measure, evaluate, and share user experience.

Mobile freedom as a special dimension

Ubiquitous connectivity, realized through smart devices, especially phones, and mobile networks, is at the forefront of the user experience. Smartphones have become indispensable, they are practically always in the hands of users. Experience 2030 Study: The Future of Customer Experience, conducted by Futurum Research in partnership with the SAS Institute, finds that 36 percent of households worldwide already use three or more mobile devices, and more than a third of them additionally have two devices that act as digital assistants in their homes. So what do consumers expect from the user experience of the future? Invaluable mobile experience and better connectivity.

Marketing and sales automation

With integrated marketing and sales automation tools, you can track customer needs and meet and even exceed their expectations. The fact is that doing this without proper (software) tools is practically impossible. With advanced task and process automation systems, you can take sales and marketing to a whole new level. In doing so, it is extremely important that you know the challenges you face in the company and the goals you want to achieve. With the right marketing strategy, you can ensure more sales opportunities, more customers, their greater satisfaction, and, consequently, better sales results.

One of the best global digital platforms for customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and digitalization of sales processes is HubSpot, which helps you achieve and exceed the set sales goals. Just find the right strategy and put it to good use.

Online stores are (still) booming

The number of online stores is growing and evolving at an incredible rate, also as a result of the COVID-19 viral pandemic. However, modern consumers are becoming more and more demanding. If the online store does not work flawlessly and if it does not offer exactly what the consumer wants or expects, the consumer becomes disinterested and finds a solution elsewhere. For an online shop, such a scenario is unacceptable as it means that the (potential) customer is lost (forever).

E-commerce is much more than just selling content or products online. You need to put the customer first and at the center of your business. An intelligent and customized digital experience will help you shorten your marketing time and strengthen your customer engagement strategy. With the right technology, you can offer customers customized content, relevant search results, and better purchase recommendations. You can provide customers with a fully customizable digital user experience at any time.

Choosing the right online platform for e-commerce is very important and depends on the way you do business. At Comtrade Solutions, we offer the development of an advanced online store on Magento or NopCommerce platforms, which are an ideal and frequent choice for medium and large companies.

The investment in the user experience transformation pays off richly

At a time when the consumer is almost fully informed, at least about any major expenditure, and impulsive purchases are mostly only in the domain of lower value items, every company must make sure that it comes into consumer’s view. Doing so in the way that best suits the consumer is a tall order. You must ensure that the consumer gets enough arguments to initiate the purchase. In case you are selling similar or even the same products as others, you need to achieve clear diversification – do it in the field of user experience.

Your online store, (mobile) application, how it is downloaded and installed, or even the image of the icons in it, is what decides how often consumers will use it and whether they will even start engaging with the brand. Investing in better user experience pays off handsomely, as this is how you stand out from the crowd.

Comtrade Solutions has been involved in the design of modern business models, business optimization, and the creation of excellent user experiences for more than a decade. We know what works in practice; let us help you reach new successes.

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