A Promising Match: Comtrade and Microsoft

POSTED: 25.07.2019.

You’ve probably heard that Microsoft and Comtrade strengthened their partnership earlier this year. At the beginning of the year, Comtrade became a new Licensing Solution Provider for Microsoft Software and Cloud Services in Slovenia. A coincidence? Absolutely not.

Many in the Slovenian IT industry likely made doubtful comments about how they see no reason why Comtrade should sell Microsoft software. After all, Comtrade is a company whose core activity is developing proprietary software. But the entire matter is logical and makes perfect sense. Let me explain.

I joined the company in February to take on the responsibility of managing the team that will sell Microsoft products and services to business customers. The new business environment immediately captured my imagination. In Slovenia, Comtrade is considered a small corporation and that is how it acts. I’ve seen and experienced many things in the course of my career but I am still excitedly learning about the company size and reach. But that isn’t everything. For the first time in my career, I am working in a company whose business model is not based solely on reselling other companies’ solutions but is also developing its own products. Comtrade is building solutions that are designed for a specific market or specific clients and is one of the few companies that take Slovenian best practices and implements them abroad, instead of just doing the reverse. It is present in 13 countries and employs over 2,000 people, of which more than 1,500 are software engineers and professionals from other technical areas. In the Adriatic region all this makes Comtrade a genuine superpower and it could easily be replicated in Silicon Valley. This strength in knowledge and development potential is what the Redmond software giant recognized.

Demonstrably effective ecosystem and a world-class partner

Let me tell you, Microsoft knows how to make money really well. They rely on strategic partners and they particularly value the partners that deliver (high) added value. Even though Microsoft’s ecosystem is focused on delivering the revenues from license payments and cloud service subscriptions for the global corporation, the people in Redmond are well aware of the fact that demand will not grow without solutions driving the consumption of Microsoft’s products and services in businesses.

This is where Comtrade comes in with its development role and regional presence. The IT giant from the Adriatic region was selected for the highest partnership level based on its innovations, engineering resources and business excellence in the delivery of Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions. Knowledge, competencies, references and capabilities are what mattered. Anyone looking for the best implementation of Microsoft’s technologies and services in a business environment will knock on Comtrade’s door.

Still not convinced? Allow us to prove ourselves. We’ve established the Adriatic Microsoft Competence Center which will encourage best practices and educate customers about how to best leverage Microsoft’s technologies for machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and digital workplaces. At this year’s NT konferenca event, participants had the opportunity to see proven effective solutions for government, healthcare, and Internet of Things.

Partner with the best

Comtrade already operates like a Silicon Valley enterprise. We count large global corporations among our customers in addition to companies from the Adriatic region. We provide them with solutions that leverage the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and predictive analytics. The list of companies that we helped build a foundation for digital transformation and walk the journey of changing their business model is growing every month and it includes large brands from the financial industry, energy, manufacturing, and other industries.

We know that the best solution is a solution that performs well in the Client’s environment and we can only build them by working with people who have in-depth knowledge of individual industries. We invest in employees, their skills and competencies and each project further hones their rich experience. Even though we employ an “army” of programmers, operational agility comes first – Comtrade encourages independent work as well as work modeled after start-ups. We pave the way for every idea to become an innovation or a solution.

Two more things surprised me personally: the relaxed atmosphere and comfortable work environment. We collaborate with our customers to achieve the same goal. Motivation like that makes sure that no challenge is too large. Microsoft already recognized this and we want you to get to know us. Together, we can build something bigger.