Artificial Intelligence at Dnevi slovenske informatike

POSTED: 28.03.2019.

This year’s Dnevi slovenske informatike conference will take place at the Bernardin Conference Centre in Portorož where Comtrade will participate with several talks covering the topic of artificial intelligence. We are inviting you to join Slovenian and international experts and find answers to your questions about how to take on the challenges posed by automation, digitalization, cybernetic systems and artificial intelligence.

Comtrade is focused on artificial intelligence and has established the AI Collective initiative to support its development efforts in this area. The AI Collective is a formal partnership – a network of leading universities, institutes and specialized AI companies Through our network, we merge leading AI techniques, research and best practices with our own world-class commercial software development and make it all available to our clients. The AI Collective is governed by its partners; its members work together to deliver commercial projects, actively share best practices, resources and case studies and collaborate on public and private research papers, to further the advancement of Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of the Collective’s community. Past, present and future publications on AI are available to our clients via the Collective.

Lecturer: Gregor Molan, Comtrade

Lecturer: Srđan Mlađenović, Comtrade