About Technology and User Experience in the Future

POSTED: 16.07.2020.

Companies rely on technology and data to deliver unique user experiences for their customers. The latter will also play an important role in the future by making sure that consumers feel a closer relationship with the brands and services they use. Read this new piece in Finance to find out more about the importance of the user experience and the business value it drives. The piece includes quotes from Aleksandar Semeraj, Business Development Lead, Comtrade Solutions, and Miloš Djurković, Director, SAS Adriatic Region.

User experiences will shape the future and will in turn be shaped by numerous advanced and data-driven technologies, including augmented and virtual reality. Agility and flexibility will play a key role in this process as every company will need to find the right combination of advanced technologies and data that will be able to read users’ minds and create everything they want or expect.

Aleksandar Semeraj, Business Development Manager, Comtrade Solutions states that to create the best user experience possible, companies will rely on artificial intelligence supported by automation to ensure a more personalized consumer experience. This will be particularly common with operations that are based on processes and services. He adds that the aim of even the best artificial intelligence is not to replace employees entirely. Instead, it will work with them to help them do their work better.

He emphasizes that over the coming decade, companies will need to balance the use of advanced technologies with emotions that people bring to the business equation. “And yes, emotions can also be defined with data,” says Semeraj.

Even though users are already good at using digital technologies and expect companies to increasingly deploy advanced technologies, the question is whether they will be able to trust new technologies. Users are concerned about their privacy and have already balked at some technologies. Companies will need to solve this challenge correctly and in a way that benefits both sides.

What is the key to success in the future?

Companies that will be able to eliminate their wishes and bias from their operations and fully adapt to consumers will stand out and shine in the future. They will need to recognize the value of these new and advanced technologies which will create an immersive experience for their customers while also using behavioral data to create better, more useful, and faster user experiences and higher quality communication across all channels.