1st Southeast Europe Smart Society Conference – SEESSC

POSTED: 26.11.2019.

The vision of a smart community that seemed impossible just a couple of years ago is becoming a reality. To work with other stakeholders in creating a better life for people and contributing to a brighter future, we are taking on the role of a general sponsor in support of the first regional smart community conference, organized by the ICT Innovation Network, supported by the ICT Association of Slovenia at the CCIS and OASC.

The 1st Southeast Europe Smart Society Conference – Structured approach towards smart cities will take place on 20 December 2019 at 9.00 a.m. at the InterContinental hotel.

The underlying theme will be the systematic introduction of the concept of a smart city, which is becoming an obvious answer to the challenges of accelerated urbanization.

The conference goal is to showcase the benefits of broad connections, the activities making up the process of creating a smart city and local and international best practices.  We will also present European financial mechanisms that will provide the funds for creating smart cities in the near future.

The event will host numerous experienced Slovenian and international speakers, including Andrej Kotar, Business Director for the Public Sector at Comtrade, and Chairman of the SRIP SCC Program Council, Chairman of the E-government section, Chamber of Commerce. He will address the topic of strategic partnerships and connections within Slovenia, including the presentation and the signing of the Slovenian national smart society declaration and the EU declaration on smart cities and communities.

The event agenda and additional information about the conference are available at the official website of the event, where you will also find the registration form.